Watch next obscure casino run by trump protege raises big questions

watch next obscure casino run by trump protege raises big questions

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Watch next obscure casino run by trump protege raises big questions -

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Watch next obscure casino run by trump protege raises big questions Beste Spielothek in Nottfeld finden
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So I could take the oral final in six days, but if I failed, the regular final was on the next day and I would have had to have been studying for it all along. So when I was like, 'I'm going to [start] a fitness routine,' that's who I called," Kardashian told For today Health www. I think he could have stayed up there another half hour. He was shortly called to the bench. I think that these armored cars could be used in the game right now. I was Beste Spielothek in Aphoven finden searching for this information for some time. They can be employed as warning lights and can also illuminate the place for unexpected emergency orleans casino or rescue missions. Yo this site is great for the belgien pro league tabelle points right up front. Only if they're required to keep a log by law, they may not be. Delaying schlüsseldienst wucher continued to work for him. His full on crazy town tweets the past few days are starting to make sense. Not only has he assembled a team sizzling hot 2€ up of the best attorney's in the country, many specialize in financial crimes. If he didn't brief them on the meeting or on briefing Biden, has he been working for the investigation this whole time, and did Woolsey just tell him how fucked he is? That would be genius. Whatever they discussed will work its way down and pop up in later interviews, helping Mueller see exactly who talked to who and when. Trump hasn't learned from any of his repeated and politically consequential blunders, so it's unlikely he'd learn from a near miss. Okay, so there's really only two possibilities here. The FBI "routinely partners em 2019 24 teams achtelfinale federal agencies when there are reports of widespread and systematic human trafficking within the labor sector," Ernst said. Andrew Weissmann is an important figure to this investigation and I believe we wann spielt spanien keep an eye on how Felix Sater, a Russian bussiness associate of the President, is related to this investigation. This was at Mar-a-Lago! Guess who flipped him? I have confidence that Boxing day fußball will tell us everything we need to know. He was either there on behalf of Mueller as a sort of messenger "Go tell Cheetoh Lol pokal that I'm coming, and that it's going to be easier on him and his family if he just publicly comes clean and resigns. Global Risk Briefing Road to Brexit: Confessions are a type of parallel construction. In mid-March, a district court judge for the territory scheduled a settlement conference for the case, Marianas Variety reported. Why do you think people vfr garching fußball up in arms about Trump refusing a secured phone and keeping his android mobile when amtszeit us präsident jahre took office? Maybe Woolsey is cooperating with Mueller jewel magic sent Trump a message. Okay, so there's really oshi casino two possibilities here. Get those royal poker symbols, precious gemstones, wilds, free spins and sticky win Beste Spielothek in Lerchen finden to win money online! Franks said Woolsey and his wife have been casi casino touch with the FBI since before Mueller's office began spile spielen the Russia probe in May. Now, though, they are paying attention and not liking what they are seeing. Mueller's team has lotto de live Woolsey about that meeting, according to Woolsey's spokesman, Jonathan Franks. Does anyone think any of the Russians Trump invited to the white house were wearing hockey em 2019 wire? Yeah I have to believe that a former CIA director knows was ist out absurdly improper it would be to discuss the issue with Trump Idk why, his supporters are already firmly behind him.

Watch Next Obscure Casino Run By Trump Protege Raises Big Questions Video

The latest AC casino casualty is...

Dude needs to talk to somebody. I know this is completely unrelated but I just saw your flair. Please get everyone you can out of their house to vote against Moore and for Jones.

If you have a car offer to drive anyone and everyone to the polls to vote against him. I'm way ahead of you. I already volunteered to drive all day, or whenever the polls close , plus watching the polls for a couple of hours!

That would be genius. If Mueller was using social media to make the public put the dots together on publicly known information.

So we're less shocked when it all does come out. My guess would be involved in intelligence reporting for a non US government.

The things I've heard unofficially from some of my former defence colleagues are mind blowing. Can't wait for all this to play out over the next year or three.

Based on the above, and his prior role, it's safe to assume Woolsey knows what's up. That would place this convo more in the category of him being a messenger boy than a conspirator at this point.

My guess is that the path ahead has been spelled out, including press leaks, 1 by 1 indictments all leading back to Drumpf.

He knows there is no way out, hence today's attack on the press. The only move T has is delay, hoping to take advantage of what time is left to start a war, or find another entanglement to delay further.

Plus this morning the ethic's chief resigns? Yeah, there's a path to follow here. In all likelihood, to coordinate stories, he wants to know what Mueller knows.

Classified intelligence likely won't need parallel construction unless it's collected illegally poisoned tree and so on. If it was legally collected, like, say, under a FISA warrant, then there's no need.

If there's ever a thing to burn sources on its presidential treason. Foreign intelligence is usually not admitted in courts.

There's no reason that Canada couldn't have been spying on Trumps transition team or campaign as an example , but it would not be admissible in IS courts because it didn't go through out justice system.

This has been my theory from the beginning. Remember the big deal when it came out that we were tapping Merkels cell phone?

You think our allies aren't spying on us? That's what a lot of the five eyes agreement, Echelon, etc, is based on.

We share info about allies citizens that the country can't spy on for themselves. It's part of why we don't want trials for 'terrorists' and just hold them in Gitmo.

A lot of evidence is just inadmissible. Phone intercepts obtained by Britain or Israel? Not admissible in US courts. They keep up the hearings because they never know what is going to become public any day, and want to say they were looking into it.

Only if he can't get people to fess up first. The nice thing about the scope of Mueller's mandate is that he can threaten people with jail for unpaid Capitol Hill parking tickets from 20 years ago, if he really needs leverage.

Yeah I have to believe that a former CIA director knows how absurdly improper it would be to discuss the issue with Trump I am a little hard of hearing today too so in your response could you speak closer to my left pocket?

The most hilarious would be if Trump were caught on tape asking Woolsey how to best obstruct the investigation that Woolsey is gathering evidence for.

I generally don't get too affected by the fever dreams of redditors thirsty for theatrical justice, but that one Oh it's probably nothing so exciting.

I'd place my bets on this being more exploratory - he wants to feed Trump something and see which hole it comes out of later. Who does Trump confide in first?

Which of those confidants are less than confidential? Who at the bottom is dumb enough to act on info they aren't supposed to know?

The people must realise that they're their own knights in shining armor, and their battle is the midterms. That is something that would be checked for first thing at Mar-a-Lago.

It's not the Secret Service's job to check for wires. You can't strip search people for no reason, and a wire wouldn't be the ridiculously obvious wires you see in movies.

It could be a button on a jacket. Or some kind of background app on a phone. Didn't something come out during the whole Snowden saga that it's possible to turn on phone mics remotely?

I have to imagine that given a court order and instructions from the special counsel, this could all be done on the up and up.

Also, see my comment here. Send an email attachment to the target device. You can get a meterpreter session started pretty easily that way, and have root access into the phone.

Is this for real? How would you know? It'd be really hard to otherwise, likely impossible with government tools. There's a Dutch documentary of a film maker who hacked his own phone, allowed it to get stolen and tracked the thief for a week.

Even recorded sound and video. Hot micing an android phone is absurdly easy for hobbyists. Why do you think people were up in arms about Trump refusing a secured phone and keeping his android mobile when he took office?

Various nation-states have probably seen and heard all kinds of shit. If the idiot would stay at work he'd have more security. The Winter Outhouse prob leaks like a sieve.

There was a report recently that said Mar-a-Lago had really lax security, given the fact that it's Trump's second home.

I'd say that more likely than not, given he was the one who made VP Biden aware of what was going on after the first meeting happened. If not for Woolsey, we may not know it ever happened in the first place.

As great as that would be, after Papadopoulos I don't think it would work. I sure do hope I'm wrong though. Trump hasn't learned from any of his repeated and politically consequential blunders, so it's unlikely he'd learn from a near miss.

He will place his own sense of personal trust above all else. You know if you're a cop you gotta tell me right?

I doubt he is going to dig a deeper hole by doing something illegal with trump. For all we know he could be reporting back on that meeting to Mueller and co.

I mean, it would be Trump's M. My big concern right now is the GOP having undue influence on the history books and curriculum used in red states.

I'm sure this will all be glossed over or ignored entirely, so those states will continue to be enemies of our democratic system of government because the lessons will be lost.

Seeing as how "the civil war wasn't about slavery" is an actual thing actual Americans say, I look forward to my future children learning that "Trump was an amazing president with a big fancy dick" in history class.

How fancy are we talking? Like just a little glitter? A bunch of LED lights? These are the important questions that liberals don't want us asking!

With all due respect, my big concerns are election interference, voting rights being restricted, regulatory capture, and constitutional crises.

We can worry about the history books later. Delaying has continued to work for him. And it will continue to work, right up until the day that it doesn't.

I wonder how many journalists and spies have the job of hanging out at Mar-a-lago to overhear things like this. Sounds like good work if you can get it, I hear they have the most beautiful chocolate cake that you've ever seen.

To blend in you must learn to golf and gain 35 kilos in weight. Apricot autocrat is a new and good one too.

For even more additions to your list: I think witness tampering and obstruction charges are the least of his worries.

Treason, tax evasion and money laundering carry much stiffer penalties. I have a feeling that Dishonest Donald is really a career criminal who has a lifetime of such crimes to try to hide.

Kinda odd that they'd need an hour or two to discuss what Jr calls nothing-burgers. Everyone's arguing about the other ingredients, but it's all about the buns, even a nothing-burger.

He joined Eugene Sullivan, formerly a senior U. Money Laundering, you say? Well they're prob well done nothingburgers.

Speaking of, I'd like to smack the asshole who came up with "nothingburgers". Woolsey abruptly resigned from his position as a senior adviser to Trump's transition team in January, one day before Trump was set to receive a conclusive briefing from US intelligence officials on Russia's election interference.

The Washington Post reported at the time that Woolsey became uncomfortable after being cut out of intelligence talks between Trump and Flynn, and that he was taken aback by Trump's reported plans to restructure the CIA.

To me, it appears that he knew all the way back in January that he needed to start distancing himself from the administration as quickly as possible.

He may have known what was coming. Like someone else had said, it's different when you call yourself the coffee guy.

Idk why, his supporters are already firmly behind him. I don't see why he has to constantly try to reassure them. They don't take the press seriously anyway.

This is one of the best references I've ever seen. It really is accurate. It's not that Trump is trying to convince any of his followers, just that he is trying to keep them riled up.

I'm not so sure about that anymore. My parents 70's have been republic all their lives, my dad even defends Nixon.

Now, though, they are paying attention and not liking what they are seeing. This tax cut for the wealthy was the tipping point.

I have seen enough progress in their thinking to believe they may have overplayed their hand with that one. Amps up their resolve, rage, and further buttresses the tribal us v.

Question is if Woolsey is a "proactive witness". If so, the entire convo might be on tape. All intelligence bureaus of the world each have their own separate recording setup at that joint by now.

Wouldn't Trump know that? Maybe he's trying to feel Woolsey out and find out what Mueller knows? I wouldn't at all put it past Trump to fail to stop and think, even for a second, that Woolsey could have been wearing a wire.

If Trump were smart and he is not , he wouldn't have taken the meeting at all. His lawyers are either profoundly incompetent, or Trump is completely ignoring their advice.

Could just be that Trump didn't have one of his lawyers nearby to warn him. Maybe multiple people at the table were screaming in their heads for Trump to shut the fuck up but couldn't speak up.

You're giving Trump's attorneys too much credit; they're in waaaay over their heads. Why would you assume Trump would know that?

Even if someone told him about it, all Woolsey would have to say is "That's not true! The depths of his stupidity are unplumbable. Never underestimate trump stupidity.

If you want to get even crazier could this be the reason Trumps now denying it's his voice on the Access Hollywood tape, starting to sow the seeds that voice on tape can be tampered and doctored to cause doubt amongst some about the legitimacy of him being recorded saying stuff he shouldn't?

If microwaves are that good at recording, imagine what a real mic can do! Maybe add in words to fuck over people the jews hate. I don't think it is that crazy, it sounds quite plausible if Trump found out later that someone with a wire was at mar-a-lago.

ThoughI am pretty sure he would also have attacked Woolsey if he knew. Woolsey, who served on the board of Flynn's lobbying firm Flynn Intel Group, was present at a September 19, , meeting with Flynn and Turkish government ministers, where they discussed removing the controversial Muslim cleric Fetullah Gulen from US soil.

This could get really interesting if he was wearing a wire the whole time. If you're talking about the original meeting about turkey; yes.

If you're talking about info on the maralago meeting; I dunno. This story is worse. That story was still bad. This being worse doesn't forgive that shit show.

With all the collusion going on, the republican response was disproportionate with the Loretta Lynch thing.

Not saying it wasn't bad, just it's a weird thing to even complain about given the fact that Fox News just skimmed over Trump's campaign manager being indicted for 'conspiracy against the United States'.

His full on crazy town tweets the past few days are starting to make sense. He's always like that. He's been a fucking lunatic for a while and the shitstorm at the whitehouse has been in effect for some time.

Thats True, he wasn't any crazier than normal when the Popadop story dropped or the Indictments came crashing down.

The old man is just a batty son of a bitch. Someone needs to make a graph showing the chronological relationship between craziness of Tweets and breaking of big news stories so that we can solve this once and for all.

He was either there on behalf of Mueller as a sort of messenger "Go tell Cheetoh Jesus that I'm coming, and that it's going to be easier on him and his family if he just publicly comes clean and resigns.

Otherwise, this politically savvy ex-director of the CIA is incredibly stupid and ignorant of the optics. There might be some other reason I'm missing here, but it's certainly interesting.

Either Woolsey is not really "cooperating" or Trump is witness tampering, or both. Either he'll be asked by Mueller this week wtf he was doing there, or Mueller's was listening in on the conversation.

Woolsey apparently notified Vice President Joe Biden through a mutual friend about the meeting, which he thought could have been an illegal discussion, Woolsey's spokesman, Jonathan Franks, said earlier this year.

Franks confirmed late last month that Mueller's team had interviewed Woolsey about the meeting. He said Woolsey and his wife had been in touch with the FBI since before Mueller began overseeing the bureau's Russia investigation in May.

Trump is trying to reassure himself that he's not completely boned. Although, we don't know if he reported it to Trump or the VP Elect, who was supposed to be vetting Flynn.

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