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I just have the same old desire to see the ones I love. An interesting side note: I also bought us tickets to Metallica for March of ! It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

I met Mike Pompeo at the Grand Hotel several years ago and then he stopped into our office shortly after that. I kind of wished I had taken a photo with him now.

A few weeks after that visit he subscribed to the newspaper. Now I doubt he probably has time to read this, but I did note that Mr. Pompeo was a very interesting person.

I found him polite and intelligent. I also remember after meeting him that I forgot to ask his party affiliation. I liked him and I liked what he had to say about rural America and he had my vote.

If by some crazy chance Mr. Pompeo is reading my newspaper, I want to congratulate him and thank him for serving his country in this capacity.

I would think Secretary of State would be the hardest job you could ever have, next to President of the United States. From my limited knowledge of him and first impressions, I believe Mr.

Pompeo will do the right thing for our country in these perilous times. I ran into the office and pulled my column off the page, so that at the very least, we could share our condolences with Brett and Kim and all the folks at Finchers Findings.

While the kids were growing up, I did the typical dad thing relived my childhood through them. Ronda was the nurturer and often nurse.

Both Breeann and Joey had multiple motorcycle and gokart injuries. By the time Nicholas was born, I was no longer able to play with the children per mom-orders.

I watched once as Joey drove his first motorcycle through a 2 railed, 2"x6" fence at 30 mph. The most interesting part of that story is that he was 4-years-old.

I had taught him how to balance on a bike, rolling down a hill without training wheels just 1 week earlier. Any good dad knows that that is enough experience to put an engine under him and let him ride.

I put a helmet on him, gloves and a leather coat and even some goggles over his eyes. Feel better about me now? My mission was to do the same as I had with his older sister: Tie a rope around the motorcycle and let him go slowly at first until he got the hang of it.

I remember how mad my wife was at me when I came home with this motorcycle. I had rolled through Mullinville, KS on my way home from a job one day and some guy was selling these motorcycles on the side of the road, so naturally I stopped.

After I threw my money at him and he helped me load it up in my truck, I drove home with visions of my "father of the year trophy" all shiny on my desk.

I got it home and unloaded it. I polished it up as my wife stood there shaking her head and telling me how bad of an idea this was.

Now here we were. Father and his son were about to make history. This kid took off like a pro-motocross racer from the gate and ripped the rope right out of my hand.

I busted after him at my slightly-slower than Olympic running speed, screaming, "Let off the gas! He was a good 20 yards in front of me.

I was yelling, "Stop! Jesus, this is a good time for the rapture! It was over in about 10 seconds and he was on the ground with the motorcycle on top of him, still running, back wheel spinning.

He still had the throttle gunned. I ran over, shut off the bike and lifted it off of him. I could see his wide-eyed stare through his fogged up goggles.

She was out the door and sprinting towards us. It looked like she was investigating the crash scene, but I think she was actually looking for broken parts of the motorcycle to pick up and hit me with.

The motorcycle was broken. My wife was not having it. She took Joey inside to clean him up. I took the bike down to the shed and heated up the frame and forks and got it bent back into riding condition.

Although I was told that I could not let him ride it again until he was older and ready, Joey was ready to try again within a few days.

I had a better understanding of how tight to hold the rope and he had a better understanding of the throttle control. In time, he became an excellent rider and this first crash prepared him for many more to come.

I sat patiently with Bree on Saturday morning as she learned how to do corrections and the final stages of the newspaper before it went to press.

I explained that there has probably never been a more thorough person as a "copy editor" for any small town newspaper the size of ours.

My mom has always been a huge part of the newspaper making process. Many of the mistakes you might find happened after she had proofed the newspaper.

They were usually last minute changes. Now it might seem weird to honor her for her birthday with a story like that, but my mom has been a bigger part of my adult business life, than my childhood - at this age and stage of the game.

My mom is turning 75 years-young on Wednesday, March 7, I could have used my space to tell funny stories about her like the time she took my sister and I to Century II in Wichita to an event.

She got lost and ended up on the grounds sidewalks in our car. Quietly and with little to no fanfare, my youngest son left the age of teenager and turned 20 years old on Sunday, February In Okinawa, you only have to be 20 years old to buy an alcoholic drink, unlike being 21 in the states.

Oh what a difference a year makes. I remember buying Joey his first beer on his birthday. We met in Great Bend, KS. Joey was going to school in Hays at the time.

Half way would be somewhere off the coast of Alaska in the Pacific Ocean. Instead, I bought him a guitar and shipped it to him.

I expected it to take 4 weeks, but it took less than a week, so he got it a little early! It was just the flu, but it felt like much worse than H1NDeath-whatever-it-was I kept waiting for a cart to roll by my house with a driver wrapped up in linens and a mask shouting, "Bring out your dead!

I wanted to a couple of times. I cook, attempt at cleaning no where near her standards , bring her drinks, soup, medicine, take her temperature, place ice packs on her head, etc.

She did deserve to get away from me for a little while. This stuff was on its 5th day by the time she needed to get out of the toxic relationship.

By toxic, I meant contagious. I surprised her with a nice dinner though. I actually got up, grilled some steak and made jalopeno poppers wrapped in bacon and even roasted sweet potatoes.

By Sunday morning, I was feeling like I was over the hump. We decided that a good way to pass the rest of that day was to watch some movie on Netflix.

I figured, meh, ok. I clicked it and expected to be asleep within a few minutes. It was a 2 hour movie redone recently on the basis of the Disney cartoon that from I had watched more than times with my daughter Breeann.

I had also cut my teeth on VHS repair during those years when the machine had eaten the movie and my daughter would break out into tears.

Put our service to the test! No one's quick as Gaston. No one's neck's as incredibly thick as Gaston's. For there's no man in town half as manly.

Perfect, a pure paragon! You can ask any Tom, Dick or Stanley. And they'll tell you whose team they prefer to be on At one point Belle had to leave the Beast and rescue her father.

I was like, "Am I crying? It had to be the Robitussin. Maybe it was a combination of both, but I was choked up and sobbing a few times.

It was the thought that I still had 1 hour and 45 minutes of this to go! It brought back some great memories. The back and forth of motions, responses, petitions and the grueling slow grind of the legal wheel is often maddening Our society has one of the finest judicial systems in the world, if not the best.

If not understood, on the outside, it looks like a cluster of unorganized chaos. All of it has purpose for fairness and accountability for each side, whether it be for the plaintiff or the defendant.

With each court filing, I try my best to put it into plain English so that you can process it. Every motion, memorandum or rulings are just small pieces of a complex process that our community must go through to get to the end.

My heart breaks when I think about what everyone has gone through in this difficult situation: I wear so many hats at times: Today my job is simply to present you with the most current information, without inserting my opinion.

I hope I do that, while honoring this process of law. My hope is that we soon heal as a county and community; that we are safe and that there is justice - in what form, I do not know.

Jessica Wright is moving to greener pastures - or hallways of chaos, either way you look at it. Jess is going to the Grade School to work as a Para.

It goes along well with her decision to go back to school and get a degree in teaching. What will I miss most about Jessica? But seriously folks, Jess has been great to work with and I wish her the best of luck!

Breeann AKA Bree comes to us as green as green can be. She will introduce herself next week. Along with Bree, we get our Granddaughter Baylee for half the day in the office.

Baylee is currently finishing her degree in pres-school, so she only goes half days. Her afternoon office is across the hallway from mine, so every few minutes she brings me her "work.

I also get lots of drawings of bunnies, sunshine and trees - refreshing for this time of year. One Tuesday afternoon back in early , my dad took a trip to Missouri and left a space-filler for his column that said, "Will Return.

I was working as the pressman during those days and saw an opportunity to test my writing skills. He let me continue to write, but then eventually sold the newspaper and moved to Missouri.

I was always involved in the newspaper business. I had my diapers changed there, I grew up and played there. I swept the floors there and eventually ran a press there.

I miss those days at the Index and I miss those folks I worked with. One day several years ago Doris found a snippet my dad wrote in February of , "I have been toying with the idea of starting a personal column for the Index for the past three years," he wrote.

When we started our newspaper in , my early columns were terrible, even worse than today. Many people over the years have asked me, where the name came from.

In my Grandpa Bill bought his first newspaper, the Logan Republican. Seriously though, some of these columns were very well done and made me smile to think how far back my heritage in the newspaper business goes.

Of what, I do not know KWIBS, of some form, has been a part of Kansas newspaper history for close to 75 years now, with a few years of gaps in between.

Jessica has a natural gift for writing and has really evolved over the last year. Not everyone is a Doris Sorg who can put up with me for Only one other woman has chosen a longer path in life So far, she has not given me notice she is leaving!

Most small town newspapers have been gobbled up by larger corporations and conglomerations of small chains. Sometimes sharing those resources in a centralized location in rural Kansas makes sense.

I have been actively seeking an employee. I had some excellent applications. Two of which I really wanted to hire, but for various reasons, I could not make a decision.

It takes a person who loves their community to write about it. Human nature makes it that way. More people want to read about crime and chaos than the successes and accomplishments of a community.

It's been a mission statement for us to, "Report the good news about our community. I always dreamed of one of my boys running the newspaper one day.

That would make us 4 generations deep. It never occurred to me that Breeann might be interested. The thought of working with a family member who is so opinionated and stubborn and hard headed and moody, probably prevented her from ever asking me.

We can get pretty frustrated with each other at times. I mentioned, jokingly, to her that she should work her way into the family business.

She was actually interested. I think for a split second, I was scared I had mentioned it, but then I thought back to when my dad let me write that second column.

Well, probably as well as I did when I first started. She might be even better. I had her write me a little story about something she knew about and she did a pretty good job.

Her children are older and in school. This will be a challenge for sure, but I think with a little time, she can be a great addition to our family newspaper.

Please be patient with us while we work through the process of getting her involved and please pray for patience for me!

Thank you to everyone who applied and expressed interest. Sunday morning I worked Pratt County for some bonding business and then grabbed some lunch.

While at lunch, I got two more bonding calls out of Barber County. Then we got a phone call from our daughter needing a sitter for the grandkids that night.

As it worked out, I dropped off Ronda at the house and went in to assist some folks out of the Barber County Crossbar Hotel, as one of the defendants called it.

Ronda suggested I pick up the grandkids on my way home. The grandkids were excited to see grandpa. They grabbed what I thought was warm clothing and we headed out to the truck.

By the time I had gotten home, I had answered about questions ranging from, "why do turkeys make that sound" to what is "DNA"?

I had an easier time explaining DNA. When I pulled into the drive way, my granddaughter was asleep and missing one cowboy boot.

I found the boot under the back seat, slipped it back on her naked foot and after I got her awake and stable, set her on the ground.

I just wanted to get inside, get warm and get fed. I was exhausted from the 7 mile trip home. I can still trick them into eating about anything if I just call it chicken.

I have been known to put a tub of ice cream on the floor and two spoons and say, "get it" in place of actual food.

I am told this is alright if you are a grandparent. Parents are not allowed to do this. So we ate and still had a couple of hours to burn.

I know what to do. Watching them blow them up and turn bright red in the face is wonderful. I know they are getting plenty of oxygen and working their lungs.

Monday both Ronda and Jess came down with a bug, leaving me the only healthy person in the office. I told Jess to stay home, Ronda insisted on working.

She lasted about two hours and left me in charge. I was chugging along pretty well. We were busy since Monday was a holiday and everyone seemed to not mind braving the cold weather.

It was an unusually busy Tuesday. Before Ronda left at noon she asked me to make the deposit. I thought that would be easy enough. She did all the work.

All I had to do was walk it over to the bank. After 3 hours of customers and phones ringing, I finally made it to the bank, but I think I missed the cut off.

Thankfully, I think I had enough in there to cover checks. We appreciate all you do! It was the end of "Christmas Break" for Ronda and I. We still had a few days left with Nick before he left for Japan on Friday morning.

We were pretty quiet driving in. We were not really looking forward to going back to work, not even knowing where to begin We might have even been a little grumpy.

Ronda started laughing when we got to the Assembly of God sign. I hope to be lean, but not have a lien.

I keep my motor clean in my full steam space machine. Speaking of, did I mention my home economics teacher in high school was named Charlene?

I was hoping to jump on a trampoline inside a submarine dressed as a wolverine. I am also wanting to keep my spleen at least until Halloween - all in !

Thanks Rodney for being our local sign comedian and turning me into "Dr. Seuss" last Tuesday morning. So I want to give a big shout out and a big thank you to a couple of guys who have served this city well for several years.

Norm Clouse and Mike Roe take their city council seats for one last moment tonight and then ride off into the sunset. Well, maybe not, but they are leaving the council.

These guys were original movers and shakers. They took part in some unpopular, but necessary actions to improve the functionality of our city government.

I applaud them for sticking it out and seeing things through. You guys are appreciated and we hope to be interviewing them soon as civilians!

Today is Christmas, but you probably are reading this on Tuesday, December 26th or even later. The holidays will sort of mess up our delivery schedules, but we will publish our weekly newspapers through the holidays.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas! I know of so many in our community that have experienced loss of family members around the holidays and it is my prayer that the Lord gives you peace, hope and love during this time of year.

No one is immune to loss. In the last few years, our family has lost several family members. Within the last year we lost two uncles. Ronda and I enjoyed looking through old family Christmas decorations a few weeks ago.

She used them to decorate for our Christmas this year. It reflects over 30 years of Christmas together. The memories are the gifts that those who have passed leave us.

If it all worked out, we had our entire family together for Christmas this year. It would be the first time since since we were all home for the holidays.

I love getting Christmas cards with family photos. Next week will be a recap of I love to reflect and find the positives in life during this time of year.

I hope you will take time to remember My prayer for our little town is that is the best year yet! In a few short days, my Christmas present to myself and my family will be here.

Our Son Nick is coming home from Okinawa, Japan for a couple of weeks! Perfect timing and much luck has made this trip possible.

The gap in between offered Nick the opportunity to come home, if all goes as planned. Keep it down Rocketman. He will actually leave on Friday morning, his time, and arrive Friday afternoon, our time.

It was not a special occasion for him or for us, but we are so grateful to have our entire family back together for Christmas this year.

Because of this special visit, our office hours will be somewhat sporadic over the holidays and for the week in between. We will be receiving our mail and checking our voice mail system and we have a drop slot in our door for you to drop things by over the holidays.

Thank you in advance for your patience!! And we are at my favorite edition of the year! The kids are just too funny. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, "Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take to you Mary your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.

And she will bring forth a Son, and you will call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.

Now all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying: From our family to your family, we wish you a blessed Christmas.

Love and cherish the time you spend with your family and friends and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

John Conyers announced his retirement from Congress after several women came forward with sexual harassment charges against him. The younger, Conyers, 27, would be a first-time political candidate.

But he has already been connected to an ethics issue, according to the Detroit Free Press. Normally, it would just be another day, but each time he does it, it makes me sick to my stomach because my son is attached to the Marines there and they will be the first to deploy in the event of a war.

No one wants war. The Winter Olympics are scheduled to be held in South Korea. I think we should have a competitive javelin toss between North and South Korea.

Speaking of the Olympics I propose that we have a special competition just for the Russians. The Supreme Court wrestled with a clash between religious freedom and LGBT rights on Tuesday as it heard arguments from a Colorado baker who refused to make a cake to celebrate a same-sex couple's marriage because he believes that God designed marriage to be between a man and a woman..

However, you can make an awful cake People get pretty "bold" when it comes to Facebook and comments. The facts will come out. I did not, however, pull quotes about statements that were heard on the videos.

Someone died and it tarnishes the respect we need to have for law enforcement. What we need to remember is Myers leaves behind people that cared about him.

Appropriate care should be given to his family if there is fault found. I express my condolences. We also need to remember our actions from the past in situations that involve investigating of the actions of law enforcement.

It also cost our county a good deal of money investigating it. I believe it is important to investigate this incident as rigorously as we did an alleged domestic battery - which resulted in no charges being filed.

In the end, hopefully, the truth will be known and justice will be served. I also believe it is important to let investigators and prosecutors do their jobs, unimpeded by public opinion - including mine.

We will do our very best to be fair in reporting on this story, which has been forced into the spotlight by what appears to be an inevitable lawsuit.

Wednesday morning we received notice of the winners of the write-in campaign for city council. It was a particularly interesting election given that voters had to write-in their names.

No information was available until mid-morning on Wednesday and my phone was blowing up. They will be leaving with little fanfare.

If anything, the election sparked more interest in our city government. Several who made last minute runs will hopefully keep themselves informed on what is happening in Medicine Lodge.

I got to visit with at least one other write in who did not win and I believe this person has a genuine interest.

My hope is that instead of watching Facebook for fake news and information about our town, they will, in fact, educate themselves on issues concerning the operations of the city.

I can be biased in this situation, because I do get involved and I can provide factual information. Our city operates on the up and up and we have good, honest people at the helm.

Thank you all for voting and doing your part to keep Medicine Lodge alive and well. In the s, I grew up in a country that referred to Viet Nam as a "conflict".

It was taught in school and ingrained in our studies. It was later in my life that Viet Nam was called what it actually was, a "war".

People had grown tired of war by the s. Some were simply cowards who did not love our country enough to fight for it, whether there was a draft or not.

They directed their hatred towards those who served. It breaks my heart to hear of accounts of disrespect towards the men and women who served our country during this era.

Some were wounded more severely by their own countrymen upon their return home than in the battle field. It came full circle last year when my son graduated from MLHS and went into the Navy, a decision that I am very proud of.

He is approaching his first year of service and is now stationed with the Marines on a base in Okinawa as an RP Religious Program Specialist.

His duties as a Religious Program Specialist might seem sort of unimportant, but after boot camp, Nick went through Marine Combat Training.

He owns the phrase, "We fight tonight. Noland leaves the confines of his base heading to another, he is faced with protesters who spit, curse and throw things at his vehicle.

Then he slipped me a video one day and I saw it for myself. The protesters are paid by China to harass our troops in Japan. Imagine if we left?

The people of Okinawa rely on jobs on our bases and money that flows from our soldiers to local businesses. Japan relies on us to protect them from some of the craziest leaders in the world like the one from North Korea.

My point is pretty simple. Men and women who serve this great country deserve great respect, especially in their own country.

I really feel obligated give honor to those who served in an "unpopular war" such as Viet Nam, but what war is popular? Each Veterans Day our school district does a wonderful job honoring veterans in our community.

They usually focus on honoring one era and this year is the Viet Nam war veterans. We struggled this year to find a Viet Nam veteran who wanted to talk about their experience with the newspaper.

Two actually cancelled and I totally understand. I believe him to be one of the most honorable people I have had the privilege of meeting in my adult life.

Major Bob Stutler agreed to share some of his thoughts about Viet Nam. I will tell you that he did turn me down at first. After he thought about it for a day, he agreed to write his own accounts.

I sat in my office last Thursday and read his perspective on Viet Nam. Thank you Bob for sharing your perspectives on Viet Nam.

Thank you to each and every veteran who made the choice to serve our country during peaceful times and during times of conflict and war.

Thank you to my son, whom I miss every day with every fiber of my being. My hope is that there will never be another Viet Nam-like homecoming for our soldiers.

I know that my children and my grandchildren will honor those who serve our country because of what they learn at school in our community.

I can never imagine a protest against someone like my son, or like my dad, or like Bob. I have many people who I consider friends that served in Viet Nam.

I hope they know now that we honor them and thank them today and forever. We are not the America you came home to after the war and I pray we never are again.

I have many friends who served in Iraq, Afghanistan and on bases in the United States and around the world. They are heroes and worthy of our respect and thanks.

Take a moment to thank these and all veterans for their service. She had the evidence needed to close the case and accusations that we did not carve pumpkins with our children when they were young.

This is a beta version of NNDB. People by Last Names: Browse by last name: Voiages and Discoveries of the English nation.

Judah ben Samuel Halevi. Sir William Rowan Hamilton. Half of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon sweatshop. Karl August von Hardenberg.

Little Bill's slutty wife in Boogie Nights. Franz Ritter von Hauer. Coming of Angels , Autobiography of a Flea. Gay activist, founder The Mattachine Society.

These interviews — conducted before and during Abramoff's imprisonment — continued until May John McCain and the Demonization of Lobbyist Jack Abramoff was rushed into print prior to the presidential election.

In his book, Chafetz asserted that Abramoff, though guilty of some of the charges, was the victim of misleading and sensational reporting by the Washington Post , vengeance and mendacity on the part of Sen.

John McCain R- AZ , and strong-arm tactics of the Justice Department who forced Abramoff into confessing to crimes he did not believe he was guilty of.

Chafetz also accused federal prosecutors of abusive — and possibly illegal — tactics in their reliance on private and public honest services fraud , which he characterized as vague and controversial.

Abramoff has founded or run several non-profit organizations, including Capital Athletic Foundation and Eshkol Academy; as well as lobbying firms and political think tanks such as American International Center , GrassRoots Interactive, and the National Center for Public Policy Research.

While these organizations had varying degrees of legitimate activities, it has come to light that Abramoff used these organizations to channel millions of dollars to recipients not related to the organizations.

The majority of the funds went to the Eshkol Academy in Maryland, an Orthodox Jewish school founded by Abramoff in Hundreds of thousands of dollars from CAF were also spent on golf trips to Scotland for Abramoff, Ney, Ralph Reed Safavian, as well as purchases of camping equipment sent to a high school friend.

Abramoff solicited Safavian's help in looking for property deals for Eshkol Academy and tribal clients, leading to Safavian's conviction. Millions of dollars flowed into GrassRoots Interactive in , the year it was created, and then flowed out again to unusual places.

In late , the Senate Indian Affairs Committee began to investigate Abramoff's lobbying on behalf of American Indian tribes and casinos.

In September he was called before the Committee to answer questions about that work, but pleaded the fifth. After the partners purchased SunCruz in September , the business relationship with Boulis deteriorated, culminating in a fistfight between Kidan and Boulis in December In February Boulis was murdered in his car in a Mafia -style attack.

The murder investigation included three individuals who had received payments from Kidan. Two of the suspects received life sentences for the murder charges, while a third associate pled guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and was sentenced to 6 and half years time served already after he testified against his co-conspirators.

On January 4, , Abramoff pleaded guilty to conspiracy and wire fraud in Miami , related to the SunCruz deal. The plea agreement called for a maximum sentence of just over seven years and would run concurrently with the sentence in the Washington corruption case, but could be reduced if Abramoff cooperated fully.

The remaining four counts in the Florida indictment were dismissed. According to the "memorandum in aid of sentencing", the sentencing judge, U.

District Judge Paul C. Huck , received over pleas for leniency from various people, including "rabbis, military officers and even a professional hockey referee.

In Abramoff was retained under a secret contract by the Guam Superior Court to lobby against a bill proposing to put the Superior Court under the authority of the Guam Supreme Court.

On November 18, , a grand jury issued a subpoena demanding that the administrator of the Guam Superior Court release all records relating to the contract.

On November 19, , U. Black, the chief prosecutor for Guam and the instigator of the indictment, was unexpectedly demoted and removed from the office he had held since The federal grand jury investigation was quickly wound down and took no further action.

In Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks initiated a new investigation of the Abramoff contract, which is continuing.

Hills, trusting Sanchez as a court official at face value, assumed that this was a temporary circumstance and agreed to help facilitate transition for what he thought was a standard government contract between Abramoff and the court.

For this Hills received no compensation. Before indictments or investigations were initiated, Hills halted his temporary contract with Abramoff and reported what he thought was potentially suspicious behavior to public officials when it occurred to him that something may be wrong.

In , superseding indictments were issued against Hills and Sanchez, and in further related indictments were handed down against Abramoff and Abramoff's firm at the time, Greenberg Traurig.

The charges against both attorney Howard Hills and Greenberg Traurig have since been dismissed. The lobbyists also orchestrated lobbying against their own clients in order to force them to pay for lobbying services.

These practices were the subject both of long-running criminal prosecution and hearings by the Senate Indian Affairs Committee.

On November 21, , Scanlon pleaded guilty to conspiring to bribe a member of Congress and other public officials. On January 3, , Abramoff pleaded guilty to three felony counts — conspiracy, fraud, and tax evasion — involving charges stemming principally from his lobbying activities in Washington on behalf of Native American tribes.

In the agreement, Abramoff admits to bribing public officials, including Ney. Later in Abramoff lobbyists Neil Volz and Tony Rudy pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges; in September Ney himself pleaded guilty to conspiracy and making false statements.

On September 4, , a Washington court found Abramoff guilty of trading expensive gifts, meals and sports trips in exchange for political favors, and U.

District Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle sentenced him to a four-year term in prison, to be served concurrently with his previous sentences.

Abramoff cooperated in a bribery investigation involving lawmakers, their aides, and members of the Bush administration.

Abramoff served four years of a six-year sentence. On November 15, , he began serving his term in the minimum security prison camp of Federal Correctional Institution, Cumberland , Maryland, as inmate number The Justice Department had requested that he serve his sentence there so as to be accessible to agents in Washington for cooperation as the investigations related to his associates intensified.

He was also teaching courses in public speaking and screenwriting to his fellow inmates and instituted a popular movie night. On June 8, , he was released from federal prison and was transferred to a halfway house in Baltimore, Maryland , until the end of his six-year sentence.

Abramoff has returned to lobbying since his release from prison, having attempted to arrange meetings between then President-elect Donald Trump and foreign leaders.

Recently speaking to Politico Abramoff said he has worked to "combat Radical Islamic politically and to support other good causes", including Anti-corruption and Criminal justice reform in the United States.

In the same interview it seems that Abramoff is in a project with the president of the Republic of the Congo and with congressman Dana Rohrabacher to try to establish a Coalition of African states to defeat the terrorist group Boko Haram.

Abramoff's friends who Abramoff said he believes have financial investments in Congo were in talks with the country's controversial president, Denis Sassou Nguesso , to try to enlist the United States to support the coalition.

Abramoff approached Rohrabacher, whom he has known since the s. He wanted Rohrabacher, who was considered for a post in the Trump Administration and is an ally of Donald Trump , to help secure U.

Rohrabacher told Politico he is not confident that the meeting with Trump would happen until Congo commits troops to defeat Islamic extremism.

I was involved deeply in a system of bribery — legalized bribery for the most part In November , the book Capitol Punishment: The page memoir is an account of his life in Washington as a lobbyist.

Abramoff has become a critic of the lobbying industry and has appeared on radio and television, "trying He has a Facebook page and game app called "Congressional Jack", and a feature film in the works about the lobbying milieu.

He plans to charge for giving talks about corruption in Washington, and has briefed F. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Spouse s Pamela Clarke Alexander m. Internet Gambling Prohibition Act. Jack Abramoff Native American lobbying scandal. List of Jack Abramoff-related organizations.

Capital Athletic Foundation and Eshkol Academy. Jack Abramoff Guam investigation. Jack Abramoff Indian lobbying scandal. Retrieved March 9, Retrieved 18 August Phelps July 16, Retrieved 31 March Retrieved 31 March — via IMDb.

Bush And the Texas Republicans hog-tied America. Archived from the original on Retrieved December 2, Leaders at the Center of the Conservative Crusade.

The New York Times.

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He said, nobody came except our mutual friend Gabe and a couple of family members. It was just a spur of the moment wedding at the courthouse before the next round of bad weather rolled in.

He was dehydrated and worn out from his last trip across country. He went in for treatment and then went home. His wife found him unresponsive the next day and he was revived and placed on a ventilator.

Mike was taken off of life support on Tuesday of last week after several doctors gave bad reports of his condition.

He died at 2: Our mutual friend Gabe called me to tell me the sad news. I was out on the tractor mowing when the call came. Mike was supposed to be here on Wednesday, September 26, to help with sound for Peace Treaty.

There are many other sound technicians coming, but I was most excited to see Mike. He will be missed by so many people. If you get a job when you go to Heaven, Mike would be in charge of making the Angels sound more awesome than they already do.

Wednesday moring my wife sighed and said, "Our office is a newspaper again. Yes, school is back in session and our office manager is starting her kindergarten year.

Thank you USD A friend is someone who is there to catch you when you fall or at least put your dislocated shoulder back in after you take a stupid-stumble.

A stupid-stumble is similar to a regular stumble, but involves you doing something stupid in the process of the stumble.

My friend just happens to be very skilled in fixing this type of injury. He also had a side kick that night who found my predicament quite amusing.

Apparently, she thinks I should look down before stepping. After a visit to our x-ray department at Medicine Lodge Memorial Hospital, it looks like nothing is broken, but my left arm and shoulder are reminding me daily that I am not as young as I used to be.

I will be sporting a sling for the unforseeable future, which is really putting a kink in things like: It would also end it as a concert pianist, brain surgeon or astronaut.

I was fortunate enough to have my friends to help me and a box full of slings from other stumbles, stupid or not.

Nick tore his shoulder in one of his last high school football games before joining the Navy. If you know me well at all, you know I am crazy about music.

Ronda and I are always finding a concert we want to see and last week we managed to break our own record. The really cool part is that both times, it was Peter Frampton!

The reason it was so hard to write, is because I care so much for this family. Emma Jo and Gary Rucker are the sweetest couple you could ever meet.

To hear that they were terrorized in their own home saddened and angered me. They witnessed about the love, grace and mercy of Jesus to this man.

Their son Flint said it best when he told me that they were "the best parents in the world. I was on FaceTime with my son in Okinawa when we saw the helicopter fly over our ranch.

The very ranch where Flint keeps a herd of cattle. Little did we know, that helicopter was flown in to transport the man who had just assaulted the Ruckers.

I turned my phone around and showed Nick. When I heard the news later that night, I texted Nick back and we shared in the shock of what had happened.

I texted Flint the next morning, but wanted to give him a few days before I spoke with him. I knew that he was being bombarded with questions and I hated to be that one more reporter guy that called.

So finally on Wednesday, Flint stopped in and sat down for the better part of an hour to tell me what had happened. For most of my life, I have idolized Flint Rucker.

Tough as nails, with a heart of gold. I consider him one of the greatest friends and men in my life. He has been encouraging to me, shared in good times and bad and has always been there when I needed him.

I want him to know that he is special to me and my family and loved by this community. Flint is so humble.

He would not want the recognition or mention, but he is a hero who gives credit where credit is due. This was a God thing that he was able to overpower that would-be thief and killer.

Things could have ended so differently for the Ruckers that night. Flint is a man who has always had strong faith in God.

This can only reinforce his beliefs. I pray that Emma Jo and Gary and Flint and Donna and all the huge Rucker family heal emotionally and physically from this event.

I know they are strong people and they love each other and their community. When I think of what Flint did and what could have happened, I get goosebumps, but it reminds me of some scripture that I believe is a perfect example of how Flint lives his life.

We lost our loyal friend of almost 15 years last weekend. Hyde was a smart and kind German Shepherd that was just a natural part of our family. Ronda and I found an advertisement from a family selling German Shepherd puppies over by Augusta back in We had just lost our friend "Beau" who was hit while chasing a truck.

We had said we would never get another dog, but our hearts were so broken and empty. We brought our new puppy home and named him "Hyde.

As our kids all grew up and left the nest, it was just me, Ronda and Hyde. We slowly watched him grow from a puppy to an old man.

In his younger years, Hyde could jump higher than your head for a frisbie or ball, he could catch a treat in his mouth from more than 25 yards away.

He knew multiple commands and would do some of the funniest tricks like spinning in circles until he got his treat.

Hyde loved to ride in my truck, in the back. With the "load up" command, he would literally jump into anything that had wheels. He went everywhere with me.

If I had a town errand, he came with me. He came to the office for the first few years of his life until he just got too big and was too nervous of all the traffic.

He also got a little too protective when customers came in and we took him home to be on the ranch. He was a farm boy. He would go on long walks with Ronda and I and occasionally spot a deer and take off running.

He would be gone for hours and always returned tired. As a member of the family, he joined us for our first Christmas photo back in Looking back, he was in graduation photos, birthday photos and about every holiday occasion we had.

He never acted as though he were in pain and would still come out occasionally and sit on the porch with us for dinner.

I knew he hurt though. I took it apart and tried to gently bring him to his food and water. I could see it in his eyes.

I called Joey to let him know that Hyde was going to be gone that day. He was in Denver and I hated to ruin his weekend, but he understood. He wished he could have been there with us.

I sent Nick a message, knowing it was late in Japan, but wanted him to know that we were about to lose his first dog.

Moments later Nick flooded Facebook with photos and this message: Constantly missing friends and family. But the hardest part is losing someone and not being able to say good-bye.

Hyde was truly the best dog I could have asked for. I remember sitting in the garage talking to him and pretending that we had full conversations with each other without needing to say a word.

There's no love like a love for your dog. But it makes my heart easy knowing he's not in pain anymore. God got the goodest boy today. He may be United States Navy stationed with Marines and hardened by his training, but his heart is soft and I knew it was broken.

Ronda and I sat quietly on the ground and brushed him out and said our good-byes. We shed a lot of tears for our friend and furry child of 15 years.

We held his head in our lap as Dr. Lynch showed such amazing compassion as she reassured us we were doing the right thing. We laid him to rest in our yard, overlooking the pond he would swim in.

I imagine Hyde being able to run and jump and play again, like when he was a puppy. Everyday we get up and look out the window where his kennel is.

We remember every bark, whether it was to warn us or just to say "hey! You can only hope that one day our compassionate God would allow us to see our pets again.

Gilberto Escamilla, 53, was employed at the Darrel B. Hester Juvenile Detention Center in San Benito, Texas, until August — when it was discovered that he had been placing orders for fajitas using county funds and then selling them for his own profit since December , according to Cameron County Court filings.

According to The Brownsville Herald, Escamilla's scheme unraveled last August after a delivery driver with Labatt Food Service phoned the detention center to give kitchen employees a heads up that an pound delivery of fajitas had arrived.

Employees immediately thought the delivery to be suspicious as minors at the detention center are not served fajitas, however the delivery driver insisted that had been delivering fajitas to the detention center's kitchen for the past nine years.

After being fired and arrested, Escamilla's house was searched by police, who found packages of the fajitas in his refrigerator.

It started small and got bigger and out of control," Escamilla said during court testimony, according to the Herald. Texas State District Judge J.

Manuel Banales, who handed down the sentence, dismissed an additional theft charge as part of an earlier plea deal made by Escamilla. It also allows for a more severe punishment if the defendant commits a crime while acting as a public servant.

There are a lot of positive and negatives when a holiday falls in the middle of a work week. For us, it was mostly negative. Our scheduling got tight with deadlines and it was harder for us to get things written and placed in the paper.

On the positive side, nobody knew which weekend to do fireworks shows, so we saw one on June 30th at 99 Springs, one on Tuesday night at Dr.

I appreciate all of those folks who light up the sky in honor or our Independence Day. Speaking of the holiday Last year, I bought Joey and I shirts.

Mine had President Trump riding an American Eagle and holding a machine gun on it. They both said "Freedom" on them. I got some laughs from a few people.

Nick spent it on base in Okinawa in his room for the most part as a Typhoon rolled over the island for a few days.

It was the first time he admitted to being home sick in a long time. Our first Weird Beard contestent was named this week.

It goes out to my buddy Andrew Meador. Keep those photos coming! A friend came to visit me this week. We come from opposite ends of the political spectrum, but we are most often in agreement on topics.

Our discussion turned to the ongoing spotlight the media has placed on immigration. Dealing with the issue generally stirs up a lot of opinion. The most recent discussion, rightly so, has been on the subject of separating children from family at the border.

The images of children sleeping in cages and crying for their parents does make you sick, but the zero tolerance policy is an enforcement of laws that have been on the books for quite some time.

I applaud the president for reversing his decision to separate children from family. At the same time, I am a firm believer in secure borders.

Those seeking asylum in our country are simply trying to escape from the hardships they are experiencing in their own countries.

The dreams of freedom America has to offer would make anyone from a third world nation want to come here.

My personal feelings are that I welcome all who want to come to our country and live productive and fruitful lives. Most all of us here today come from lineage of refugees or immigrants.

Our country is a country of law and order. People wanting to enter into this country, must do so legally and orderly, not through porous holes in our southern border.

Thousands of people enter illegally and many commit heinous crimes against citizens of The United States.

As many of you know, I also work as a surety agent. I deal with a number of Hispanic defendants, normally very good people simply trying to better themselves by coming to our country.

They work harder than most of us, but they so often circumvent our system. When arrested, they become extremely difficult to bond.

Many have aliases, prior convictions and a large percentage of them abscond from their responsibility to answer to our courts for their crimes.

My highest rate of absconding comes from illegal immigrants. One of my largest lost bonds was on a drug smuggler from Poland who worked for the Mexican Cartel.

She overstayed her visa, committed several felonies and then fled the country. Thankfully, she will never return. If she does, she will be sent to prison for a very long time.

Folks, these are scary people, doing scary things. People associated with them, lost their lives. They were American citizens. Last week the president addressed the media concerning victims of illegal immigration.

President Trump highlighted "American victims of illegal immigration" on Friday, hosting families of people killed by people who immigrated to the U.

Trump said at the White House. I watched family member after family member holding photos of their lost loved ones and listening to their stories.

We have to embrace the fact that we do have an immigration problem and stop turning it into a talking point for elections.

I say we at least let him try or offer up a better solution that still keeps Americans safe. We need to stop taking a side and start thinking constructively, yet compassionately.

Before you fix your leaking water line in your house, you do one simple thing: Before you change a receptacle in your house, you shut off the breaker.

Our border should be treated the same. A sixth branch of the military, in space no less, could be in our near future.

Unless congress launches that idea into the sun see older columns for reference to shooting things into the sun.

Last week President Trump announced "Space Force. Very importantly, I'm hereby directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish the Space Force as the sixth branch of the armed forces.

I think it would be so cool to have them modeled after Storm Troopers from Star Wars movies. Those guys are super intimidating.

All joking aside, space is an important place to be dominant. You must consider that our satellite technology is of the utmost priority in the event of a war.

If space is secure, then our troops on the ground have a better chance of winning battles. Sorry to my lib friends. I think Trump is on to something here.

No offense to my kids, but I am glad they are out of the house and on their own. They are always your kids and always come home. Last weekend we had all three of our kids home.

This is pretty tough to manage considering one of them lives 7, miles away. They may all be adults now, but when they come home, they pick up right where they left off.

They make a mess! When you are 40 people, you are just crazy. Yep, we had about 40 family members show up over the weekend.

It was our 30th wedding anniversary and aunts and uncles and sisters and brothers and cousins and extended family all came to celebrate with us.

The next time we all will be together will be in April of when Nick and Natalie get married! It takes my breath away a little bit to think it will be that long before we see him again.

Two high school sweethearts tied the knot on June 17, just one month after I graduated from high school. There were groans from family and friends when we announced we were getting married.

They said we were too young. We were, but all we had was each other and we did it. We have so many stories from 30 years. Not only does it mark our 30th, we will have all of our children home.

Nicholas of course is in the Navy based with the Marines in Okinawa. He did it while being promoted! There will be so much to celebrate. This will be a bittersweet gathering for us.

How Ronda has ever put up with me, I will never know. There has never been another love in my life as I have found in you Ronda.

You are my wife, my best friend, my business partner and so much more. We were last together at Christmas, which just seems like yesterday.

This trip home comes after a short deployment to South Korea and the Philippines. When he came home in December, I warned him that it was cold here in Kansas.

It was like 65 degrees. When I talked to him last week, I warned him it was hot and humid here. He said, "Dad, I live near the Equator. One of my favorite things about Nick coming home is his menu requests.

I would imagine I could grill hamburgers every night and he would be fine with that. I realize that we have to share him with someone very special to him, his fiance Natalie Bare.

They will be making plans for their April wedding. Natalie will be going with Ronda and I on Friday to pick him up. Today is Memorial Day.

This year was particularly hard because I was very short handed at Lake Arrowhead Resort. Mower man Dave Gilbert, took a much needed vacation to Alaska for two weeks.

I could handle it though and I had a great offer from my former go-to-guy Leroy Weber to help out with some mowing. I took him up on it and I am glad I did!

Main mower had charging issues. I thought I had this fixed before Dave left. I loaded it up and took it to Stucky Repair in Kingman.

I had burned up a wiring harness and rather than keep replacing the wire, we just replaced the entire service bulletin advisement for a kit that was to solve the problem once and for all.

I also discovered the seat bracket was broken. Graded all the roads and one hour later, we got 1" of rain The road grader started leaking coolant.

Carry two jugs of water on the back of the grader. I regraded the roads and stopped frequently to give her a drink.

The main mower is not done, so I mowed all day with a bush hog and the tractor. I managed to mow in 1st gear. As it was getting dark, I realized that I had missed a dinner with friends in town.

I finally had to actually go to my real job, but I broke my glasses and am having issues seeing. The main mower is fixed, now I had to run to Kingman to get it.

I ran home and hooked up my trailer and noticed that my fender was shoved into the tire. I thought that was strange. As soon as I moved it, I realized it was more serious than that.

I had broken a leaf spring and the axle had slid back. The trailer was toast. So I had to use my car trailer to haul the mower home.

I joked that I could have pulled home about 6 mowers. I made it back safely and started mowing again.

I finished up at 6: I came to realize that I am spread too thin and am thanking the good Lord above that Leroy is still helping! Josh Ybarra also came out and helped do some trimming before the big weekend.

Ronda left to go help our son move out of his appartment in Hays and helped his girlfriend move into her new appartment. We finished up the majority of the newspaper by noon and I went back out to mow the dam and spillways.

This should be the end of mowing for the week. So, it was a memorable week getting ready for Memorial Day weekend.

I appreciate all the things that Dave does and I would have been out there working whether he was here or not.

Having Leroy and Josh around was such a blessing. Just a couple of months ago, we lost a great friend. Ron Fincher passed away at the Kansas Heart Hospital after complications from open heart surgery.

His son, Brett Fincher, has been a life long friend. So, when he called saying he had been having some pain in his chest and was going in for a stress test, we all got pretty concerned about him.

He went to the same surgeon his dad had gone to. Last week, Brett underwent a heart cath at the Kansas Heart Hospital.

Obviously scared of what this experience was going to be like, I offered up my experience with it and assured him that he was going to be just fine.

Brett insisted that he was probably going to be all plugged up and needed several stents because of his genetics. Keep in mind, Brett works out hard every day and jokingly we call him a "thoroughbred.

When we got there we ran into an old friend and classmate who was also there for support. We caught up in the lobby and waited for news on Brett.

Doug had lived in the house I grew up in and later in life, we did some horse trading on cars. It was really good to see him and great to hear about his missions work in India.

The surgeon came out and asked for the Fincher family. Well, that was Doug, Ronda and me. He announced, "Brett is just fine. That was great news.

I always feel bad when I make a mistake in the paper. Last week I thought we had a phone number wrong in an ad, but it turns out the phone was just messed up for a day.

To make me feel better Barb sent this gem of a poster hanging on a restaurant window, I assume in the Kansas City area.

It gave me a good chuckle. I just realized that it was one year ago that you and Mike moved away. I get in my truck and rev the engine up a few times, put it in gear with my foot on the brake and gas and when I take off, I go as fast as I can Before our busy season begins at the lake, Ronda and I have been itching to experience new things and take mini road trips on the weekends.

When Derrick and Shanda Swinehart and their daughter Aubrey invited us to watch them race their cars in Great Bend last weekend, we took them up on it.

Three generations of local people seemed like a historical event that we should go see. So our tour started out with me doing some investigative work on a bond skip I had last week in Pratt County.

We stopped and visited with a couple of locals before moving on down the road. At this point, I had not yet developed my "need for speed.

We rolled into Great Bend about 45 minutes before the races began and found the Swineharts. Although I wanted to ask 40, questions, I knew they were all getting ready for their races.

Shanda was quite informative and gracious enough to explain what was going on to me and Ronda. First up to race was their daughter Aubrey.

Aubrey has been racing since she was old enough to drive a car. She was running low 12 second quarters in her Nova.

We walked to the line as she drove her car into position. The lights lit up on the tree and when it hit green, Aubrey had gunned it.

The earth shook, my ears hurt and the next thing I knew Aubrey was flying down the track. She won her race.

I think she drove across the line going about mph. We were instantly hooked! Our team had just won a race! Like we had anything to do with this team.

I was given a sneak preview of the behind the scenes of this sport by Derrick a week before. He had showed me two of his three race cars.

One was a dragster fueled by alcohol and nitrox. As a complete novice, I just thought two cars pull up, the lights go to green and you race down the track and the first one to cross the finish line wins.

Those who take this sport seriously have a lot invested, including computers and weather stations to help calculate their times.

They sort of compete with themselves and the other car in the lane next to them. It made my brain hurt a little bit. One was a Jeep Cherokee.

We saw Vetts, Camaros, Trucks and even motorcycles racing that day. This is the real deal with the parachute that pops out the back and everything.

I was pretty excited when I saw Derrick shoe horn himself inside the cockpit of this miniature rocket and put his helmet on.

We walked over and did the same routine with following him to the line. Before the race, the drivers pull up to an area that is wet so they can do a quick burnout to get the tires hot and sticky for the launch at the starting line.

Dear God, there is a lot of power in one of these cars! There was a buy back. During that intermission, we watched Gordy Myers win one and lose one.

We also ran into Troy Wells from Medicine Lodge. At the end of the evening, all our Medicine Lodge people had been eliminated, but this was a great experience and probably one of our funnest mini-road trips we had taken in quite sometime.

As we were leaving, I power braked my truck and got the tires to break lose on the pavement, doing what I thought was a pretty impressive burn out.

After being scolded for doing that, I still pulled away with a huge grin on my face! Thank you to the Myers and the Swineharts for letting us hang out with you all and see an unusual and entertaining family bond!

Good luck on the rest of your season! So I know too well how many of you parents are feeling this week. The thought of your child, whether first one, or the last one, or the middle one graduating just makes you about spin out of control.

Their world is about to change in an amazing way. There will be new freedom and the ability for them to choose their paths. My confidence comes from knowing many of you parents and knowing the faculty and staff of MLHS.

We live in a blessed little community with great people looking after our children. For you seniors, take nothing for granted. Your experiences at MLHS will be the launching point for life.

Remember the values that you were taught, not just algebra and science. Remember your relationships with your classmates. Remember the successes and failures of your sports teams, your coaches and teammates.

Remember your time at MLHS. These will be some of the best memories of your life. The new memories you are about to make will also be great experiences.

This is a very special class to me. My Nephew Riston Landwehr is graduating, top of his class! Congratulations Riston and the class of I wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors.

Bush turned to her doctor in the last few days of her life. The doctor looked a little surprised when she answered, "Because I drank and smoked when I was pregnant with him.

She died at her home in Houston on Tuesday surrounded by the ones she loved. The reservoir on Pewley Hill constructed to supply the town with clean, safe water was also his project.

After his retirement in Peak was appointed Mayor of Guildford in Local historians have been left an invaluable reference to local life and developments of the time in his notebooks which are today collectively referred to as 'Peak's Diaries' and are held at the Surrey History Centre in Woking.

A published version was released in to coincide with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque to the architect in the Castle grounds. Clement Scholefield - Church of England chaplain and composer of hymn tunes, Scholefield spent the last years of his life living in Godalming having retired to Frith Hall in James Russell - A highly influential 19th century railway magnate Russell was also a leading barrister of his time and heavily involved in financing and property development, with many of his property speculations undertaken in the Wey Valley.

Russell was recorded in the national census as living at The Woodlands, Merrow in Guildford and Longdene in Haslemere which today has been converted for office use.

At the time Haslemere was described as the Switzerland of England attracting 'the wealthy and exotic of the time'. Gertrude Jekyll - Writer and renowned landscaper , Jekyll lived near Godalming.

Widely regarded as one of the most significant names in landscape design Jekyll created over gardens in Britain, Europe and the United States.

Educated at the Kensington School of Art she took a close interest in botanical drawing which she developed alongside a lifelong interest in horticulture enabling her to have published 13 books and over 1, articles on the subject.

Jekyll wrote regularly for the magazine The Garden, where she was joint editor for a period, and was a contributor to the Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society and Country Life.

She moved to Bramley Park with her family at the age of five and spent much of her life in the area. Wildly eccentric she had a formidable presence and could often be seen strutting through the town in a black cape and a hard black felt hat crowned with a plume of cock's feathers.

A close friend of the architect Edwin Lutyens, much of their work was done together which included collaborations on Goddards in Abinger, Tigbourne Court in Witley and Orchards in Godalming, as well as on her own home Munstead Wood.

A modern shrub rose Gertrude Jekyll, described as 'rich, pink with shapely buds opening to large, full flowers in the old fashioned style and a deep and heavy scent', was named in her honour by grower David Austin.

Emma Brooke - Novelist and Fabian socialist from Weybridge was an energetic activist for equal rights for women. She wrote under the pseudonym E.

Gerard Hopkins - The Jesuit priest and poet is by many regarded as among the finest Victorian poets. He became an original and daring innovator at a time when poetry was firmly entrenched in traditional methodology.

Hopkins has memorials in his honour at Westminster Abbey and his home town of Haslemere. Whitaker Wright - The wealthy industrialist who made his fortune in mining and railway construction was subject to scandal and ridicule when he was sentenced to prison for fraud for misusing funds in a troubled venture building part of the new London Underground.

Wright, who had built an enormous house complete with an underwater billiards room on his estate at Witley near Godalming, had managed to smuggle in a cyanide tablet to the court and died in the presence of his unwitting solicitor.

The police later also found a revolver Wright ahd concealed in his clothes. He is buried in the graveyard of All Saints church in Witley.

Henry Knight - Knight had trained as an engineer and became intent on harnassing steam for powering road-going transport. He established his motor works in West Street, Farnham from where he designed and built a road steam vehicle in The vehicle was prone to breakdowns so Knight turned to developing a petrol engine , his Trusty.

His engine successfully powered a three-wheeled road vehicle, the fourth British vehicle ever to be built, and it was the first petrol driven vehicle ever to be driven on British roads.

A later four-wheeled version is preserved in the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. The Reliance Motor Works building still stands in Farnham, albeit under very different usage today.

Read the letter written to Knight about road trials of his vehicle in here. Fred Morgan - Gomshall artist Morgan lived at Edmond's Farm and enjoyed painting rural landscapes and portraits.

Although he struggled to find a market for his paintings during his life, as so often befalls artists Morgan's works now command six figure sums.

His 3ft 4in by 5ft 6in 1. May 1 was sold by Christie's in New York in Lord Pirrie - Pirrie was elected Lord Mayor of Belfast in Little remains of this folly today.

Helen Allingham - A prolific Victorian artist , Allingham specialised in idealised rural watercolours many of which featured local scenes.

She moved to the Sandhills area of Wormley near Witley in the s and through her husband, the Irish poet William Allingham - acquired a large circle of artistic and literary friends.

These included the poet Tennyson who lived near Haslemere and Gertrude Jekyll the renowned Godalming garden landscaper.

Allingham returned to London in shortly before the death of her husband and sold her house to the artist and writer W Graham Robertson.

Her obituary published in The Times makes note that she died at the home of an old friend, one Mrs Daffurn, in Valewood, Haslemere and provided this description:.

In , when she was 26, she married William Allingham, the Irish poet, who was then 50, and with him she passed 15 years of a happy married life, till his death in They had 2 sons and a daughter.

For about 50 years she was a regular exhibitor, and she sent three pictures to the exhibition last year. She was a great favourite of those who like idyllic scenes of country life, carefully painted.

She had affinities with the Pre-Raphaelites, some of whom were close friends of her husband, whose books they sometimes illustrated; but she never emulated their historic visions of the lofty imaginations of their leaders, contenting herself with exact renderings of English rural scenery, Surrey, pleasant children and the cottages round about her home near Witley, Haslemere.

The Times September 30th Percy Woods - Much of his correspondence and all of his research documents, writings and lecture notes were bequeathed to the town upon his death and are kept at Godalming Museum.

Woods' works cover more than 18, pages and are bound into 59 volumes, and were recently digitally scanned to allow wider access to his work.

He dedicated his free time to researching the history of the area from the 14th to the 19th century covering the people and places from Compton to Haslemere.

Both of Woods' parents were Godalming solicitors which provided him access to local property deeds, and his position as a civil servant working at the Treasury - provided access to the records of ancient legal disputes held at the Public Records Office, both sources enabling him to compile a comprehensive record of the area.

A plaque commemorating his contribution to the town was unveiled by the mayor at Brook House in Hugh Locke-King - Devised and built the world's first purpose-built motor racing circuit at Brooklands near Byfleet.

Himself a successful racing driver, Locke-King had been frustrated by the difficulties in practising on English roads, especially after the first speed restrictions imposed heavy fines on the fledgling motorists.

As the story goes, over the table at a dinner party in the summer of with some influential friends he volunteered at his own expense and on his own land to build the track.

He was also to donate the whole of the Vigo House Estate in Church Street for the building of a new hospital constructed by public subscription in George Bernard Shaw - Shaw was active in socialist politics throughout his life and wrote several plays with political themes including Man and Superman , John Bull's Other Island and Major Barbara He was awarded the Nobel prize for literature in William Willett - He proposed that the clocks should be advanced by 20 minutes at 2 am on successive Sundays in April, and then retarded by the same amount on Sundays in September.

Despite getting the backing of a number of politicians including a young Winston Churchill, the idea did not make it to the statute books until , the year after his death.

It was the outbreak of the First World War that saw the need to conserve coal stocks that became the catalyst for change, although his complicated regime was replaced with a simple one hour change.

A sundial memorial has been erected in Petts Wood in Bromley, London near to Chiselhurst where he was to live for much of his life.

Lord Baden-Powell He founded the Scout Movement. He joined Charterhouse School having won a scholarship when the school was still located in London, and moved with the school when it relocated to Godalming.

Arnold Dolmetsch A graduate of the Royal College of Music Dolmetsch established a workshop in Haslemere where he became renowned for his ability to produce quality copies of almost every kind of instrument dating from the 15th to 18th centuries.

In he founded an annual chamber music festival. Dolmetsch was also primarily responsible for reviving the popularity of the recorder and it was through his efforts that the recorder to this day is still used as an instrument for teaching music in British schools.

In he was awarded with a British Civil List pension and the following year was created a chevalier of the Legion d'honneur by the French government.

Tobias Matthay The pianist, teacher and composer studied at the Royal Academy of Music and as Professor of Advanced Piano taught there from to Matthay, who lived near Haslemere , became renowned for his teaching that stressed 'proper piano touch' and employed an analysis of arm movements, and that was brought to international recognition through his publishing of several books on his techniques.

He also founded a piano school in with many of his pupils going on to define a distinct school of 20th century pianism.

Matthay in built a grand house, High Marley, in the Surrey Hills near Haslemere where he would hold many of his classes, and where was to eventully die at the grand age of Fanny Adams - We have included this poor eight-year-old murder victim within our listing on the grounds that she unwittingly touched the nation's heart in the 19th century and become immortalised in the language of English slang.

Adams was murdered by a solicitors clerk near her home in Alton when he persuaded her to accept a halfpenny to buy some sweets but after refusing to accompany him was abducted and murdered in a nearby hop field.

The jury only took fifteen minutes to reach a unanimous guilty verdict and year-old Frederick Baker was hanged on Christmas Eve just four months after the murder.

The poor girl became immortalised when in the Royal Navy introduced new rations of tinned mutton which singularly unimpressed the service's ratings and they macabrely referred to the contents as the butchered remains of Fanny Adams.

The large tins the new mutton rations were contained in also doubled as mess tins - which to this day are still referred to as 'Fannys'. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Creator of the character Sherlock Holmes lived at Hindhead near Haslemere.

His short stories about Holmes' adventures were originally published in The Strand Magazine and featured the countryside around Haslemere and the Devils' Punchbowl nearby.

Conan Doyle's house, Undershaw, nestling in a hollow by the busy A3 at Hindhead, is now derelict and the subject of a campaign to save it.

Founders of the socialist think-tank the Fabian Society in , they built Passfield Corners near Liphoo k. Both were members of the Labour party and took an active interest in politics throughout their lives.

Beatrice was the granddaughter of Radical 1 MP Richard Potter and was an active partner in all of her husband's political and professional activities including the establishment of the London School of Economics.

Distinguished artist acclaimed for his paintings of birds, Thorborn lived at High Leybourne in Hascombe near Godalming.

Some of his original work can be seen at Godalming Museum. Barrie - A resident in Tilford near Farnham at the confluence of the north north and south branches of the Wey, novelist Barrie created Peter Pan and wrote many novels including Dear Brutus here.

David Lloyd George - The Liberal politician and Prime Minister - lived for most of the between war years in Churt near Hindhead with his erstwhile lover and later to be wife, Frances Stevenson.

His long tenure in office, much of the time as Chancellor of the Exchequer, providing the opportunity for him to play the role as a key figure in the introduction of many reforms including laying the foundations for the modern welfare state.

He was the last Liberal to be Prime Minister, a responsibility he excelled at in having guided Britain through the First World War to victory.

He was also instrumental in negotiating a new world order after the Great War at the Paris Peace Conference of Lloyd George owned the farm Bron-y-de at Churt where he lived for twenty years after his stint as the Liberal Prime Minister.

In the clip he is shown with his family and pets in the garden. The built room hotel The Pride of the Valley at Churt is a mausoleum to Lloyd George and has remarkable decor of decorative ceilings, oak paneling and sculptures.

George Sturt - Author who also wrote under the pseudonym George Bourne and who immortalised the family business in The Wheelwright's Shop lived in Farnham and The Lower Bourne all his life.

He also wrote about rural crafts and affairs. The family wheelwright business founded in was located in East Street, Farnham but fell to the coming of the motor car.

Sturt is celebrated in a permanent exhibition at Farnham Museum. Dame Ethel Locke-King — Her husband created the first permanent motor race-track in the world at Brooklands, and in she led the inaugural procession of cars on to the track in her open Itala in effect becoming the first woman to drive on the circuit.

Philip Snowden - Snowden l ived at Woodlarks in Tilford near Farnham whilst working closely with Ramsey MacDonald to develop the Labour Party into a major political movement.

As the Labour party's first Chancellor of the Exchequer his debating skills were legendary. Snowden married a leading suffragette, Ethel Annakin, and became a prominent supporter of the movement.

He was created Viscount Snowden. Graham Robertson - The painter and illustrator lived in Wormely, near Witley having bought a house from the artist Helen Allingham in Born into a wealthy family he was able to experiment with a wide range of styles and media but favoured the Pre-Raphaelite style, and indeed became a major collector of Pre-Raphaelite paintings.

Robertson also for a period became greatly interested in the theatre and created portraits of many of the leading actresses of the time. Robertson is remembered locally for putting on a pageant play in a meadow near Chiddingfold parish hall in with villagers in the cast.

H G Wells - The author wrote The War of the Worlds whilst living at Woking. His inspiration for the novel came from Woking Heath, then a vast and desolate heathland.

Maud Gonne - Maud Gonne MacBride was born near Farnham and although best remembered for her turbulent relationship with the Irish poet W.

Yeats became an Irish revolutionary , spurred on by the plight of evicted people during the Irish 'Land Wars' s - s.

Gonne had fallen in love with a right wing politician, Lucien Millevoye, and she became enbroilled in campaigns to have Irish Political prisoners released from jail.

During the s Gonne toured extensively throughout Britain and the US campaigning for the nationalist cause. Sidney Sime - The gifted illustrator, cartoonist and caricaturist left behind a wealth of paintings and drawings.

Liverpool-born Sime lived in Worplesdon , on the outskirts of Guildford, in the later years of his life and after the death of his widow all of his remaining works were bequeathed to the people of the village.

Towards the end of his life he shunned publicity and became something of a recluse hiding away in his country house in the village.

He was best known to the public through his illustrations which were widely published in magazines including Strand, Pall Mall and The Idler. The fact that he retains a significant profile today is largely thanks to the gallery created as condition of the donation to the trustees of Worplesdon Memorial Hall.

The Sidney Sime Gallery is largely funded by the endowment following the sale of his widow's home Crown Cottage.

Viewings by appointment only. A public exhibition of his work was held at the Guildford House Gallery in September Edwin Lutyens - Although not a Wey Valley long-term resident, renowned architect Edwin Lutyens formed a life-long working relationship with Godalming 's Gertrude Jekyll, the garden designer and horticulturalist.

Following his first commission in for a private house in Crooksbury near Farnham he forged a partnership with Jekyll after he began work on a house for her at Munstead Wood in Godalming.

Their 'Lutyens-Jekyll' style was to become very popular as it a more informal 'natural' style of landscaping. Lutyens house designs captured the public imagination once the new lifestyle magazine Country Life started to feature his work.

French born poet, essayist and historian grew up in England and died in Guildford. Belloc's style and personality were perfectly encompassed by his childhood nickname 'old thunder'.

He was best remembered for his light verse for children and for his considerable essays. Burden , and Cautionary Tales He also wrote the four-volume History of England Sir Edward Farquhar Buzzard Bart Brigadier General Francis Aylmer Maxwell The career soldier was born in Guildford and lived at The Grange.

He repeatedly went out from under cover to retrieve the artillery having to give up on the last gun after five sorties.

He was killed in action by a German sniper at Ypres, Belgium while commanding the 27th Brigade of the 9th Scottish Division. Bertrand Russell - Image in public domain.

The long-living academic was best known as a philosopher and prolific writer but he also made his mark in many other disciplines including mathematics, history and as a logician.

He was also very active as an anti-war activist and a champion of free trade and anti-imperialism. Russell was imprisoned for his peace campaigning and opposition to conscription during the First World War.

Russell developed his studies in philosophy whilst living near Haslemere as a newlywed from Ralph Vaughan Williams - The composer , who wrote symphonies, chamber music, operas, choral music and film scores, was a pupil at Charterhouse School in Godalming.

His great-uncle was Charles Darwin. His early musical developments were interrupted by the First World War during which his hearing was damaged eventually resulting in deafness in his latter years.

Williams became a central figure in British music through his long career as teacher to many young composers and conductors and he was respected also for his writings on music and composing.

He was buried in Westminster Abbey. Flora Thompson - The novelist wrote The Peverel Papers as a Liphook resident in Her father was the postmaster in the town.

The New Farnham Repertory Company dramatised Lark Rise and two other productions have been community play projects late s on the Surrey - Hampshire border.

A walk 'Flora's Trail' has been established following a route through the countryside, from Grayshott to Giggs Green, that Thompson had so enjoyed.

Dr Wilfrid Fox - The tree lover that founded what was to develop into the Winkworth Arboretum near Godalming. His project started in was to plant exotic trees on a hilly landscape of acres.

The Arboretum is now owned by the National Trust. Warwick Deeping - The prolific novelist and short story writer who concentrated on historical romances and stories associated with the Edwardian age.

Deeping, whose most popular novel was Sorrell and Sons , lived at his house Eastlands in Weybridge from until his death.

Forster - Freeman Wills Crofts - Irish born Crofts moved to Blackheath near Guildford in from where he wrote 37 books and 70 short stories.

The popular crime novelist , whose principal character was Detective Inspector French, wrote his books in a summer house in the garden. Ernest Shepard - London born Ernest Howard Shepard was the artist who brought the characters of A.

Milne to life through his book illustrations. His association with Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin began in the s when he was working on the satirical magazine Punch where he was given the opportunity to sketch Milne's characters for the magazine, and was to continue illustrating Milne's stories in a long association between the two.

Shepard based his drawings of Pooh on Growler, his son's teddy bear. Shepard fell in love with the Wey Valley when he stayed with his family in the vicarage in Shalford near Guildford.

He was appointed a captain in the local Home Guard in when he was 60 years old. Shepard bequeathed his papers to the University of Surrey in Captain Lawrence Oates - Explorer on Scott's perilous expedition to the South Pole who uttered the immortal words before leaving the party to face his death: P G Wodehouse - Born in Guildford whilst his mother was home from Hong Kong, author and playwright Wodehouse was the creator of Bertie Wooster and his faithful manservant Jeeves with his stories providing a quintessential picture of English upper class society.

His birthplace, then 1 Vale Place, still stands. The detached Victorian house today has the address of 59 Epsom Road and has been subdivided into flats.

A wall plaque on the entrance porch records the fact. Sean O'Casey, an Irish dramatist whose plays highlighted the plight of Ireland's poor classes, famously jibed him as being "English literature's performing flea.

Malcolm Campbell - The world speed record holder built his record breaking Bluebirds at Brooklands near Byfleet. He was the first to break the mph kph on land in It was his son Donald who was to die trying to break the mph water speed record on Coniston Water in the Bluebird K7 in George Leigh Mallory - Assistant Master at the public school Charterhouse in Godalming from until , was best known for being a mountaineer and member of the team that attempted to conquer Everest.

He lost his life on the mountain in , and the mountain peak wasn't conquered for another 29 years. John George Jack Phillips - The wireless operator on the doomed luxury liner RMS Titanic went down with the ship whilst broadcasting distress signals in a bid to summon help.

Phillips was born in Farncombe near Godalming. Barnes Wallis - The scientist, inventor and engineer worked at the Brooklands airfield in Weybridge for 58 years.

Best known for being the inventor of the bouncing bomb, which was successfully used by the RAF during WWII in their Dambuster raids in the Ruhr area of Germany, Wallis also had a great many other achievements.

Initially working on airships with Vickers at Weybridge he pioneered geodetic engineering which resulted in the largest airship ever built.

When Vickers abandoned airship manufacture he turned his skills to aircraft design and in the pre-war years designed the Vickers Wellington and Vickers Wellesley.

Ever the eccentric-inventor, Wallis was often to be seen cycling around Brooklands with a greenhouse-like structure around his bicycle he had created to keep himself dry.

As well as designing ground-breaking bombs during the war Wallis invented swing-wing technology, large cargo submarines, rocket-propelled torpedoes and pioneered the remote control of aircraft.

He also undertook early work on the Concorde. Wallis was knighted in Entry suggested by Professor Brian T. Tom Sopwith - His aircraft are credited with gaining the upper hand against the German airforce in the First World War.

Harry Hawker - The Australian aviation designer was architect of the Hawker Hurricane which proved to be a highly manoeuvrable fighter aircraft that contributed considerably to the defeat of the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain.

The Hurricane was designed and built at Brooklands near Byfleet, continuing a long tradition of aeronautical innovation at the airfield.

Alan Patrick Herbert - Herbert as he was more commonly known was born in Elstead and originally started out to follow a legal career.

He was called to the bar in but never practised. Instead he was to follow a path in politics serving as the Member of Parliament for Oxford University for 16 years and was committed to reforming laws that he felt were outdated including those on obscenity and divorce.

He also published eight novels and 15 plays. Angela Thirkell - She wrote popular light comedy novels, often under the pseudonym Leslie Parker, using Anthony Trollope's fictional Barsetshire as a setting in many.

Alfred Smith - Guildford -born Smith threw himself on top of a live grenade saving the lives of a group of fellow soldiers and officers whilst in the trenches in Gallipoli, Turkey.

Yvonne Arnaud - Starting her careeer as a singer and pianist Arnaud performed with leading orchestras throughout Europe and America from until Her first step to her acting career was securing the lead role in the musical The Girl in The Taxi in but fate also took a hand as a throat operation damaged her vocal chords to such a degree that she had to give up singing.

Her stage career lasted for many years and Arnaud also starred in several films during the s. A theatre opening in Guildford in was named in her honour and today The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre is the only surviing production theatre in Surrey.

George Marples - George Harry Marples was born in Yorkshire where, having taken up ice skating at thirteen, became a professional skater by the time he was fifteen years old.

He was skilled in both ice and roller skating, and was instructor to Princess Elizabeth before she took to the throne and the Duke of Windsor.

Marples served with the Dragoon Guards for 12 years which included action in the First World War in France and a tour of duty in India, where he set up the first roller skating rink in Kasauli near Simla.

During the summer months when skating rinks were not in operation Marples turned his hand to a number of other pursuits including working as a labourer and steeplejack.

He worked on the construction of the Farncombe Cinema in Meadrow. Aldous Huxley - Author of Brave New World warning of dehumanisation in the rush for scientific and material progress, and Eyeless in Gaza was born in Godalming.

Huxley's mother Julia Arnold, who died when he was just fourteen, founded the girl's school Prior's Field in Godalming and his father, a writer and professional herbalist, taught at Charterhouse Schoo l.

Huxley was the grandson of Thomas Henry Huxley who acquired the moniker Darwin's Bulldog for his research as one of the 19th century's most prominent naturalists.

Huxley, who suffered from poor vision after he almost lost his sight whilst seriously ill in , taught for a while at Eton where one of his pupils was Eric Blair, better known under his writing name George Orwell.

Huxley was a keen cyclist and used to visit the Surrey Hills especially around Hindhead and the Devil's Punchbowl regularly.

Robert Graves - Educated at Charterhouse School in Godalming the writer and poet produced over works with his poems Good-bye to All That , a memoir of the First World War, and The White Goddess , his historical study of poetic inspiration being the most noted.

His most successful work in terms of commercial success was the novel I, Cladius published in A close friend of the comedian, actor and writer Spike Milligan the two exchanged frequent letters with many featured in their joint collaboration Dear Robert.

Memorably when Graves left Charterhouse in the headmaster wrote the following in his report: Mary Brown b In September she celebrated her th birthday surrounded by four generations of her family including five grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and her year-old son George.

Newly married Brown moved to Artington Manor farm in Guildford in and took up teaching. She was instrumental in setting up the Artington and Littleton Pie Scheme which in the harsh post-war years ensured that poor families in rural areas would receive at least one nutritious pie a week.

Brown attributes her longevity to never driving, having plenty of salt in her food and being positive with a sense of humour.

When asked what biggest changes have most affected her during her long life she highlighted electricity and labour-saving devices as being the most influential.

Martin Lloyd-Jones - The Welsh-born Protestant Christian minister , who was influential in reforming the British evangelical movement in the 20th century, lived in Haslemere.

However by he had taking up his religious calling and returned to Wales to become a minister. In he was appointed co-pastor of Westminster Chapel in London and it was at this time that he and his family moved to Haslemere.

Retiring from his ministry at Westminster Chapel in he dedicated the rest of his life to scholarly work for the church.

Orde Wingate - Wingate was killed on active service in Burma. Christopher Isherwood - Isherwood published his first novel All the Conspirators in after which many more were to follow including The Memorial , Mr Norris Changes Trains and a short story series Goodbye to Berlin which was to inspire the play I Am a Camera and the musical Cabaret.

W H Auden - He quickly established himself as a left-wing political poet during the s but was to abandon this stance after he emigrated to America in taking up instead a less dramatic tone to follow religious and ethical themes.

As well as writing poetry Auden was a prolific writer of essays and reviews on a wide range of topics including religion, psychology, politics and literary subjects.

His first published book Poems was released by Faber and Faber, who were to continue to exclusively publish all of his works. Auden was a teacher and lecturer whilst living in Britain and Europe and was to be appointed Professor of Poetry at Oxford University a chair he held from - Over his lifetime he was to publish over poems, seven of which were expansive book-length pieces.

Graham Stuart Thomas - The horticultural artist , author and garden designer was Gardens Advisor to the National Trust for thirty years and it was whilst working for the Trust that supervised the restoration of some of the most famous gardens in Great Britain.

In his lifetime he published 20 books, several illustrated with his own botanical works. Thomas also reintroduced and rediscovered many garden plants that without his intervention might have been lost to cultivation.

His guidance led to the conservation of gardens as wide ranging as the small 17th century garden at Moseley Old Hall in Staffordshire, Clivedon in Buckinghamshire, Mount Stewart in Northern Ireland and Westbury Court in Gloucestershire.

A rose was named after him in Peter Pears - Many of Britten's works contain a main tenor role written specifically for Pears.

His voice was deemed controversial in that its vocal quality was quite unusual and it was cruelly suggested that he only had one good note, E-natural a third above middle C - which is why the aria of Peter Grimes , 'Now the Great Bear and Pleiades ' is mainly written in that note.

Pears was knighted in Charles Gocher - A long-standing businessman and member of the community in Godalming and Farncombe Gocher founded a firm of master builders just after the Second World War and which continues to successfully trade today as Jackson and Gocher, specialists in plant hire.

The building arm survives as a joinery company in Suffolk. Gocher's father was a Farncombe greengrocer which was where he gained his first work experience undertaking deliveries in a horse and cart.

Having left school he trained at Weyburn Engineering in Elstead and after work each day cycled to Guildford Technical College to gain further qualifications.

Having undertaken an apprentice as a carpenter at the outbreak of war he worked at Vickers in Weybridge helping build and repair aircraft.

Gocher founded his business with friend Freddy Jackson in the s to provide specialist joinery skills. Two of their projects included the construction of a Methodist church in Guildford and Ladywell Chapel in Godalming.

Elsa Megson - Having opened her own studio in Hare Lane in Farncombe , Megson rapidly built up a reputation as a society photographer and included the royal family, and especially the Queen Mother, amongst her clientele.

According to Washington Business Forward , a lobbying trade magazine, "Tom DeLay was a major factor in those victories, and the fight helped cement the alliance between the two men".

The Washington Post , on December 29, , reported: In a favorite bit, he would mimic an ice-cold Michael Corleone facing down a crooked politician's demand for a cut of Mafia gambling profits: My offer is this: Gibney said, "one of his Abramoff's great gifts was being able to tell people what they wanted to hear, and this was how he was able to sell things and get them into trouble.

After Abramoff paid for DeLay and his staffers to go on trips to the CNMI, they crafted policy that extended exemptions from federal immigration and labor laws to the islands' industries.

Abramoff secretly funded a trip to the Marianas for Congressmen James E. Documentation indicates that Abramoff's lobbying team helped prepare Rep.

Ralph Hall 's R-TX statements on the House floor in which he attacked the credibility of escaped teenaged sex worker "Katrina", in an attempt to discredit her testimony regarding the state of the sex slave industry in the Marianas.

Abramoff arranged for mailings from a Ralph Reed marketing company to Christian conservative voters.

He bribed Roger Stillwell, a high-ranking political appointee at the Department of the Interior who was responsible for some Native American gaming policy; Stillwell pleaded guilty in to accepting gifts from Abramoff.

All government officials and employees are prohibited from accepting gifts from consultants, businesses and lobbyists.

Family Network to "influence DeLay's vote in on legislation that helped make it possible for the International Monetary Fund to bail out the faltering Russian economy".

DeLay voted for the legislation. Nevskaya was also involved in Abramoff's support of an Israeli military academy, as indicated by an email sent to Abramoff.

The team included many of his former employees from Preston Gates and former senior staffers of members of Congress.

Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana. Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana. Mashpee Wampanoag people of Massachusetts. Mississippi Band of Choctaw Native Americans.

Pueblo of Santa Clara. Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe. Tigua Native American Reservation. Around the time he joined Greenberg Traurig, Abramoff's choice of lobbying clients changed to focus much more on Native American tribes.

While Abramoff was a registered lobbyist for 51 clients while working at Preston Gates, with only four being tribes, Abramoff would eventually represent 24 clients for whom he was registered lobbyist at Greenberg Traurig, of which seven were tribes.

He immediately hired Abramoff to lobby Congress and the White House on matters relating to Tyco's Bermuda tax-exempt status. The work allegedly was never performed, and most of the fee Tyco paid Abramoff to lobby against the legislation was "diverted to entities controlled by Mr.

Abramoff's team represented the government of Malaysia , and worked toward improving Malaysian relations with the United States, particularly with trade relations.

Abramoff also met with the government of Sudan , offering a plan to deflect criticism from American Christian groups over the regime's alleged role in the Darfur conflict.

Abramoff promised to enlist Reed to assist, as well as starting a grassroots campaign to improve the image of Sudan in America. From to , Channel One retained him to ensure Congress did not block funds to their service.

Not only did Channel One face frequent campaigns by political groups to persuade Congress to limit its presence in schools, but it also derived much of its advertising revenue from U.

Since Abramoff and Channel One parted ways, Channel One's advertising revenues have dropped substantially, but a cause-and-effect relationship would be difficult to establish.

On October 18, , The Washington Post reported that Bob Ney, as chair of the House Administration Committee , approved a license for an Israeli telecommunications company to install antennas for the House of Representatives.

Abramoff hosted many fundraisers at these skyboxes including events for politicians publicly opposed to gambling, such as Representative John Doolittle R - CA.

Abramoff also was co-owner of Signatures Restaurant , a high-end Washington establishment which he used to reward friends and associates. His fellow lobbyist Kevin A.

Ring treated Justice Department official Robert E. Coughlin to free tickets to the skyboxes and took him out to Signatures multiple times in exchange for favors.

These trips took place in , and Ney and Feeney each claimed that their trips were paid for by the National Center for Public Policy Research , but the group denied this.

Spokespeople for Ney and Feeney blamed others for filing errors. Ney later pleaded guilty to knowing that Abramoff had paid for the trip.

A former top procurement official in the Bush administration , David H. Safavian , has been convicted of lying and obstruction of justice in connection with the Abramoff investigation.

Safavian, who traveled to Scotland with Reed and Ney on a golf outing arranged by Abramoff, was accused of concealing from federal investigators information about Abramoff's plans to do business with the General Services Administration at the time of the golf trip — in particular, seeking help finding property for his private religious school, Eshkol Academy, and for one of his tribal clients.

Safavian was then GSA chief of staff. Jack Abramoff was a highly influential figure as lobbyist and activist in the Bush administration. The draft report of the House Government Reform Committee said the documents — largely Abramoff's billing records and e-mails — listed lobbying contacts with White House officials over three years, including 10 with top Bush aide Karl Rove.

The report said that of the contacts listed, were described as meetings or other in-person contacts; 71 were described as phone conversations and 69 were e-mail exchanges.

In the first ten months of , the Abramoff lobbying team logged almost contacts with the Bush administration. The Department of the Interior has Federal regulatory authority over tribal affairs such as tribal recognition and gaming.

White House and State Department officials described Bush's meeting with Bongo, whose government is regularly accused by the United States of human rights abuses, as routine.

Officials at Gabon's embassy in Washington did not respond to written questions. Susan Ralston , Rove's assistant since , previously worked as an administrative assistant for both Abramoff and Reed.

Mahathir insisted that someone unknown to him had paid for the meeting. Abramoff was identified in the background of a photo taken at the meeting.

According to the organization's communications director, John Kartch, the meeting was one of several gatherings with Bush sponsored by ATR.

The details of the Kickapoo meeting and a letter dated May 10, , from ATR thanking the Kickapoos for their contribution were revealed to the New York Times in by former council elder Isidro Garza, who with Raul Garza no relation , is under indictment in Texas for embezzling tribal money.

According to Isidro Garza, Abramoff did not say the donation was required to meet Bush; the White House denied any knowledge of the transaction.

The photos were found on a site that published many pictures of governmental events, ReflectionsOrders. The owner of the site removed the photos almost immediately when the presence of Abramoff and Bush together was discovered.

An NPR news report from March stated that: Abramoff recently granted a rare press interview to Vanity Fair magazine , where he asserts President Bush and other prominent figures in Washington know him very well.

He called them liars for denying contact with him". In June , Abramoff began secretly granting exclusive interviews to former Boston Globe investigative reporter Gary S.

Chafetz, without the knowledge of Abramoff's attorneys or the federal prosecutors with whom Abramoff had been cooperating.

These interviews — conducted before and during Abramoff's imprisonment — continued until May John McCain and the Demonization of Lobbyist Jack Abramoff was rushed into print prior to the presidential election.

In his book, Chafetz asserted that Abramoff, though guilty of some of the charges, was the victim of misleading and sensational reporting by the Washington Post , vengeance and mendacity on the part of Sen.

John McCain R- AZ , and strong-arm tactics of the Justice Department who forced Abramoff into confessing to crimes he did not believe he was guilty of.

Chafetz also accused federal prosecutors of abusive — and possibly illegal — tactics in their reliance on private and public honest services fraud , which he characterized as vague and controversial.

Abramoff has founded or run several non-profit organizations, including Capital Athletic Foundation and Eshkol Academy; as well as lobbying firms and political think tanks such as American International Center , GrassRoots Interactive, and the National Center for Public Policy Research.

While these organizations had varying degrees of legitimate activities, it has come to light that Abramoff used these organizations to channel millions of dollars to recipients not related to the organizations.

The majority of the funds went to the Eshkol Academy in Maryland, an Orthodox Jewish school founded by Abramoff in Hundreds of thousands of dollars from CAF were also spent on golf trips to Scotland for Abramoff, Ney, Ralph Reed Safavian, as well as purchases of camping equipment sent to a high school friend.

Abramoff solicited Safavian's help in looking for property deals for Eshkol Academy and tribal clients, leading to Safavian's conviction.

Millions of dollars flowed into GrassRoots Interactive in , the year it was created, and then flowed out again to unusual places.

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